Cast a vote that matters, v. 3.0

Submitted by Frank Gwirtz

April 8, 2020


On January 31, I published an article on this site in which I stated that it would be good for Democratic Party voters to switch parties in the upcoming primary election in order to vote for Matthew Rambo and against Tim Grendell for Probate/Juvenile Court Judge in Geauga County. (You can read that article here.) I made the prediction that the Democratic presidential primary would be all but decided by the time Ohio voters had a chance to cast a vote for their choice in that race, so there would be little point in asking for a Democratic ballot.

Last night Bernie Sanders suspended his bid for the Democratic Party nomination for President, and in so doing, ended any doubt about who will be the nominee of the Democratic Party. Once again, I point out that there are no contested local races on the Democratic side. How could I not, in good conscience, cross over to voice my disgust with the current occupant of the Probate Court bench and to support a candidate who cares about serving the community above his own aggrandizement?

Contrary to what some would have you believe, choosing a party ballot in any given primary election does not make you a member of that party in the future, has no effect whatever on any election other than the current one and has no implication for redistricting or any other important issue.

So, once again, I am urging all voters who have considered themselves Democrats or Independents in the past, to choose a Republican ballot and vote for Matthew Rambo for Geauga County Probate/Juvenile Court Judge. As the pandemic has forced the primary election to be conducted entirely by absentee ballot, you will need to request a ballot from the Geauga County Board of Elections in time to return your completed ballot by April 28. Do this today!

You can download and print a copy of the Absentee Ballot Request Form here. Send it to the Geauga County Board of Elections immediately. The Board of Elections is currently under a heavy load of requests, so in order to get your ballot in time to return it by April 28, there is no time to waste.

And while you’re at it, Dennis Galicki is also a great guy who is running for County Commissioner in the Republican primary and Frank Hall is running for State Rep and would be the far better choice than Diane Grendell.

Protect Geauga Parks endorses and supports Matt Rambo for Geauga County Probate/Juvenile Court Judge in the March 17 Republican Primary election.
Please request a Republican Party ballot and vote for Matt Rambo.

Note that the primary election is now open for absentee voting ONLY. Request an absentee ballot from the Geauga County Board of Elections. Ballots must be mailed back to the Board of Elections postmarked by April 27, 2020.

Geauga County Board of Elections

470 Center Street, Building #6-A
Chardon, Ohio 44024



Protect Geauga Parks is a 501(c)4  not-for-profit corporation 

This communication is not authorized by any candidate, political party or campaign committee.

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