Letters to the editor—MapleLeaf, April 8, 2020


We all know how some politicians like to play dirty tricks the week before an election, knowing their opposition will have difficulty exposing the “dirt” to the public on short notice.

Well, true to their character, the Grendell re-election folks tried two dirty tricks just before March 17, but were tripped up by the election being postponed.

The first dirty trick involved Kim Laurie, the judge’s court administrator, filing four complaints with the Ethics Commission of the Ohio Supreme Court against Matthew Rambo. Three of those complaints were immediately thrown out by the Supreme Court-appointed panel of judges and the fourth was thrown out after a hearing on March 13.

The three-judge panel issued a blistering condemnation of Laurie for filing a “frivolous” grievance against Rambo, “for the purpose of obtaining an advantage for a judicial candidate,” namely, Judge Timothy Grendell.

Laurie was severely sanctioned for her action and was ordered to pay the cost of the hearing.

At virtually the same time the complaints were filed by Laurie, the Grendell campaign sent out a countywide mailing stating that Rambo was “facing an ethics complaint disciplinary action.” Do any of you really believe the good judge did not orchestrate this dirty trick?

The ruling against Laurie also stated any mailings or other media statements about the accusation against Rambo must be withdrawn unless accompanied by an explanation of the Ethics Commission ruling that the accusations were frivolous. Judge Grendell, himself, violated this provision of the ruling at a League of Women Voters candidates’ night event the very next day.

The second dirty trick was a mailing sent out by Geauga Park District Executive Director John Oros. The letter was obviously meant to promote the candidacy of his boss, Judge Grendell. An internal email from park district staff shows the printing and mailing of this letter was specifically requested to be timed to arrive just before election day. The public paid nearly $10,000 for this mailing!

Once again, the postponement of the election has allowed sunlight to illuminate the dirty deed. Your vote can send a message to the dirty tricksters. If you were planning to vote in person on March 17th, you will now need to request an absentee ballot.

Please request a Republican Party ballot and vote for Matthew Rambo who will return honor to the Probate/Juvenile Court.

John Augustine
Parkman Township


‘I’m Tim Grendell and I approve these dirty tricks.’ He must have said something along that line.

Now that Ohio’s primary is back in action, voters need to know that Grendell’s court administrator, Kim Laurie, filed an ethics complaint with the Ohio Supreme Court against Grendell’s election opponent, Matt Rambo. Simultaneously, Grendell’s campaign prepared and mailed a postcard to Geauga County households with the scandalous message that “Matthew Rambo is facing an ethics complaint.” The postcard neglects to mention that Grendell’s own team filed the meritless complaint themselves, just so they could make that empty accusation.

Geauga County voters deserve to know what happened to that complaint: A three-judge Supreme Court-appointed panel heard the claim and voted unanimously to dismiss the case and ruled it to be “frivolous” and “filed by complainant solely for the purpose of obtaining an advantage for a judicial candidate,” and ordered Kim Laurie to pay costs of the proceedings.

They also ordered Laurie and the Grendell campaign to cease and desist spreading their fabricated accusations. Shame, shame, shame.

The Grendell campaign manipulated our judicial system for his personal benefit. The Ohio Supreme Court saw through this trickery and so should Geauga County voters.

Vote for integrity, vote for Matt Rambo for Probate/Juvenile Court Judge.

Rick and Kathleen Webb
Munson Township

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